Friday, February 19, 2010

How to turn your travel blog into a book

Travel blog books are so much more than photo albums. The emotion in the writing after viewing a majestic mountain for the first time or chronicling a memorable exchange with a local...these moments and so many others are brought to life when the words accompanies the photographs.

Ten years ago when I traveled around the world I scribbled in a journal and carried 24 rolls of film for my 35mm cameras. I spent $500 printing out on 3 1/2 by 5's of my photos and on the albums to put them in. Fast forward a decade and I'm traveling the world again...this time via your blog.

Chances are you spent a significant amount of time chronicling your travels so friends and family could stay in touch with you and so you'd have a record of your journey. This is where I come in. I can take the content from your blog and turn it into a beautiful book.

Here's an example of a 400 page book I designed for a missionary who spent 2 years in Nepal.

Cover to cover no detail was overlooked. It was very special to the client that she was able to master the Nepalese language both in written and spoken form so I added the Nepalese version of the title to the cover as well as translating a verse that held special meaning to her to put on the back of the book.

Who decides the cover looks like? You do. I will come up with a couple of options to get the ball rolling but ultimately, the design is up to you.

Dedications are optional, but this particular client wanted to thank the people who prayed for her during her trip.

For a preview of this book you can visit my bookstore by clicking on the badge below:

Journey Through Nepal
By carriep



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Each additional page - $2
Deposit $100
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