Monday, January 11, 2010

How do I get the most blog book for my buck?

I recently taught a bookmaking class to a group of moms who were interested in learning how to create books for their families. One of the topics I covered was the many challenges of taking information that is written for a blog audience and transforming it into album format. In this series called "How to get the most book for your buck" I will share suggestions on what to keep in mind as you add new content to your blogs...and subsequently material for your blog books.

First up.....Video Posts.

There are two ways to approach this challenge.

1) Pay $1 (per video) for a screenshot of the video so you have a visual reminder of what the video was about.


2) When you post a video also post a description of the video. Not very many bloggers do that because lets face it, using words to describe Junior's first steps aren't necessary everyone's strong suit. So instead bloggers say "check out this video of Junior on the for the part where he starts singing too."

Set the scene. Describe the emotions of the moment. You will be glad you did! Too often some very special moments are excluded from books because the text from a video post couldn't stand alone without the video to fill in the gaps.

Keep in mind that the screenshot of the video does not have to be the very first moment of the clip. I can fast forward to any point and make a screenshot - or mulitple screenshots for that matter.

An example of how to include a video post in a blog book:

These final pages in AnniePearl's book would not have been the same without the pictures of the video. Remember that the details that make a big difference in the final product, but by working together I can help you get the most book for your buck!



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